Australian Strategy for International Education 2021‑2030

The Australian Strategy for International Education 2021‑2030 charts a path to sustainable growth for Australia’s international education sector, with a focus on diversification, meeting national skills needs, students at the centre and global competitiveness.

Australian Strategy for International Education 2021‑2030

International education is a vital part of Australian society. It brings many economic, cultural and social benefits to our people and businesses. It creates links and life‑long connections with communities and partners across the world.

The Strategy identifies four priority areas for the next decade in the Australian international education sector:

  • Diversification
  • Alignment with Australia’s workforce and skills needs
  • Students at the centre
  • Growth and global competitiveness.
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Measures that support the implementation of the Strategy

Council for International Education

How the Strategy was developed

More than 1,600 stakeholders contributed to the development of the Strategy, including:

  • Responses to the Consultation Paper on the Strategy
  • Public webinars held in April 2021.

Expert Members of the Council led the consultation process in collaboration with the Department of Education, Skills and Employment.