Using the handbook

On this page:

The handbook is structured to assist child care providers to understand the processes for:

  • becoming an approved provider
  • applying to be an approved provider
  • enrolling children
  • managing and reporting sessions of care
  • receiving, passing on and/or remitting subsidy payments
  • record keeping.

The appendices provide more specific information on the:

  • Child Care Subsidy and Additional Child Care Subsidy
  • ongoing approval requirements and compliance
  • requirements that apply to services that are not regulated under National Law
  • information about support and funding that may be available to providers who meet the specific program or funding requirements
  • contacts and links to other information sources.

A Glossary of defined terms is at the end of the handbook.

More detailed information on Additional Child Care Subsidy (child wellbeing) can be found in the Guide to Additional Child Care Subsidy (child wellbeing) . Similarly, further information on the In Home Care Program can be found in the In Home Care National Guidelines and In Home Care Handbook.

Where the Department of Education has published further specific information about content in the handbook, links to that information have been included (usually in the form of fact sheets on the Department of Education website).

The handbook is intended primarily for online use. However, users of the printed version will find page numbers alongside internal links, and a list of website addresses used within the handbook can be found at Appendix G.

Where the handbook or other linked resources do not address a question, or the circumstances a provider is dealing with are unusual, the provider should consider contacting the Department of Education Child Care Subsidy Helpdesk. Contact details are at Appendix G.

The handbook will be updated regularly, and the most recent version will appear on the Department of Education website. The version number and date are shown on the handbook landing page and on every page of the handbook website and the printable PDF version.

Take care when referring to printed copies of the handbook, as they may be out of date. To ensure that the latest version of this handbook is being used and for easy access to direct links to external online resources, we recommend that providers refer to the website where possible.

Finally, please note that subsidy rates used within the handbook are for the 2019–20 financial year and are indexed by the Consumer Price Index annually.

Further information on the handbook.