Registering with PRODA

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Who needs to register with PRODA?

The applicant (or the applicant representative) will need to register with PRODA as the first step towards creating an application for approval in the PEP.

Specified personnel (see Who are specified personnel?) who have already been identified at the time of application for approval must also be registered with PRODA and identified in the application for approval.

PRODA identification is required for all specified personnel, regardless of whether they will use the Child Care Subsidy System themselves.

Specified personnel, includes:

  • persons with management or control of the provider
  • persons responsible for the day-to-day operation of the service
  • service contacts
  • Family Day Care educators and In Home Care educators.

People involved with the service who undertake roles other than these—such as Centre Based Day Care educators and kitchen or outdoor staff—do not need to be registered with PRODA.

Persons who are acting or filling in for specified persons will need to be registered in PRODA.

Providers that transitioned to Child Care Subsidy on 2 July 2018 and have not registered their specified child care personnel have an ongoing obligation to ensure all these personnel are registered.

How do applicants register with PRODA?

Participants register with PRODA on the Services Australia website. Each person must create their own account using a computer with internet access.

The process will require them to:

  • create a unique user name and password
  • create security questions and answers
  • provide information from their identity documents, such as a passport, driver’s licence or Medicare card.

At the end of the registration process, the person will receive a PRODA Registration Authority Number. Each person must keep their PRODA user name and password secure and confidential.

Their PRODA Registration Authority Number must also be kept secure. It may be shared with providers, as they will need their specified personnel’s PRODA Registration Authority Number to link to them in the Child Care Subsidy System.

The provider will need to notify the Australian Government through their child care software or the PEP when they employ new specified personnel. New personnel will need to be registered in PRODA and linked to the provider’s organisation record in the Child Care Subsidy System.

How are activation codes obtained?

Before a provider can connect to the Child Care Subsidy System through their child care software, they will need to provide an activation code to their software provider.

The activation code is given by PRODA after registering the provider’s organisation. The activation period is six months, after which the activation period will need to be extended. There are specific task cards showing how this is done on the department's website.

Once the activation code expires, the provider’s child care software will be locked and the provider will not be able to submit data to the Child Care Subsidy System or receive payments until the code is reactivated. The provider should therefore ensure that the activation period is extended regularly.