Child Care Safety Net

The Child Care Safety Net gives families and services extra support if they are vulnerable and disadvantaged, or located in a regional or remote community. It helps children access quality early childhood education and care.

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Additional Child Care Subsidy

The Additional Child Care Subsidy is an extra payment on top of the Child Care Subsidy for families who need more help. There are four different payments: 

  • For families who need help to support their children's safety and wellbeing
  • For grandparents who care for their grandchildren
  • For families experiencing significant financial stress
  • For parents transitioning from welfare to work

Community Child Care Fund

The Community Child Care Fund helps services stay open and available to children in disadvantaged, regional and remote communities. 

Inclusion Support Program

The Inclusion Support Program helps services care for children with additional needs. 

Subsidised Care for Low Income Families

Families who earn $69,390 or less a year can access 24 hours of subsided care per child per fortnight without having to meet the activity test.


A range of resources are available to help providers understand the Child Care Package.