Care types

The amount of Child Care Subsidy (CCS) a family can get depends on the type of approved child care they use. There are four approved care types.

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Centre Based Day Care 

Centre Based Day Care is typically provided in centres approved by regulators to provide quality early childhood education and care.

Family Day Care

Family Day Care is a type of child care usually provided in the home of an educator.

Outside School Hours Care 

Outside School Hours Care provides care before and after school hours and during school vacations for children who normally attend school.

In Home Care 

In Home Care is a flexible form of early childhood education and care where an educator provides care in the child’s home. It is restricted to families who can’t access other forms of early childhood education.

In Home Care sessions do not attract the higher CCS for younger children.

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Hourly rate cap

The maximum hourly rate we subsidise is based on the type of service you run.  

If you charge above or below the rate cap, families will receive their applicable percentage of the actual rate charged. 

The Australian Government does not set child care fees or require services to charge on an hourly basis.

The hourly rate caps are a guide for services and families about what a ‘high fee’ might be

Service type Hourly rate cap (children below school age) Hourly rate cap (school-age children)
Centre Based Day Care $12.31 $10.77
Outside School Hours Care $12.31 $10.77
Family Day Care $11.40 $11.40
In Home Care (per family) $33.47  $33.47 

^These amounts are correct for 2021–22 and may be adjusted through indexation in subsequent years.

Other factors

There are other factors that determine how much CCS a family can get.

A family’s income
How many children a family has in care
A family’s activity level