CCCF special circumstances grant

The Community Child Care Fund (CCCF) Special Circumstances Grant Opportunity helps services stay open when something unexpected happens.

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About the grant

To be eligible, applicants must be a Child Care Subsidy (CCS) approved provider under Family Assistance Law of an approved service operating for a disadvantaged and vulnerable community that is one of the following:

  • at high risk of temporary or permanent closure due to financial viability issues resulting from an unforeseen event or circumstance. This can include local emergencies, bushfire, flood, cyclone or pandemic, or
  • at risk of permanent closure, and the closure would result in a lack of suitable child care for the community, or
  • seeking to open a new service in a community where another service has closed and there is a lack of suitable child care, and the new service requires funding to be viable.

CCCF Special Circumstances is aimed at services operating in or providing care for disadvantaged and vulnerable communities.

We have identified a list of priority areas based on the following:

Grant guidelines

The CCCF Special Circumstances Grant Opportunity Guidelines explains eligibility and assessment criteria. 

Requirements for specific events, such as bushfires or a pandemic, are detailed in the guidelines.

How to apply

Use this form to apply for CCCF Special Circumstances funding.

More information

If you have further questions, email