Help families keep subsidies from July 2021

We are encouraging providers and services to help families keep Child Care Subsidy (CCS) or Additional Child Care Subsidy (ACCS) by reminding them to confirm their income with Services Australia by Wednesday 30 June.

Families must confirm their income by Wednesday 30 June by:

  • lodging their tax return, or
  • telling Services Australia they don’t need to lodge a tax return.

More information is on our balancing webpage, including a short video about the process.

Providers and services can help families by:

If families have questions, they should go to the Services Australia website

Confirming 2018–19 income

Families who missed the first deadline (31 March 2021) must confirm their 2018–19 income by next Wednesday 30 June.

If they don’t, they may need to pay back all the CCS and ACCS they received in 2018–19.

They will also lose their eligibility for both CCS and ACCS from 12 July 2021 and providers will be required to charge full fees.

Providers will need to direct families to make a new claim if they wish to get a reduced fee again.

Once families who missed the first deadline (31 March 2021) confirm their income, CCS or ACCS will be reinstated but it will not be backdated.

Confirming 2019–20 income

All families must confirm their 2019–20 income before the first deadline, which falls next Wednesday 30 June.

If they don’t, their CCS and ACCS payments will stop from 12 July 2021. This means families will need to pay full fees when they use child care.

Services Australia can start their CCS and ACCS payments again but only after families have confirmed their income but the subsidies will not be backdated.

This means families may miss out on payments they may have otherwise received.