Advice for job seekers and participants in Western Australia and the Northern Territory affected by COVID‑19 lockdowns

This content was published on Tuesday 29 June 2021. There may be more recent updates available.

Mutual obligation requirements for Western Australian job seekers and participants are suspended from Tuesday 29 June 2021 until Tuesday 6 July 2021 inclusive in the Perth Region and Peel Region. For more information, visit

Mutual obligation requirements for Northern Territory job seekers and participants in the Local Government Areas of City of Darwin and City of Palmerston are suspended from Monday 28 June 2021 until Tuesday 6 July 2021 inclusive. For more information, visit

During this period, no payment suspensions or financial penalties will apply for failure to meet mutual obligation requirements.

Job seekers should continue to check when their requirements are due or scheduled to occur after the suspension of mutual obligation requirements ends, including Job Search requirements. Job seekers and participants that may not be able to meet their Job Search requirements, which are due after the temporary suspension of mutual obligations, should contact their provider or the Digital Services Contact Centre to discuss.

If you are directly affected by COVID-19, are required to self-isolate or care for someone required to self-isolate, you can contact Services Australia to discuss an exemption to your mutual obligation requirements.

For further information and support job seekers or participants connected with an employment services provider can contact the Employment Services National Customer Service Line on 1800 805 260 (free call from land lines, operating during standard business hours) or email

Job seekers in Online Employment Services can contact the Digital Services Contact Centre on 1800 314 677 or email