COVID-19 in Victoria: updated information on Australian Government Support

We’ve updated our website to reflect recent advice about Australian Government COVID-19 support in Victoria.

The COVID-19 support by region webpage is the best way to find out if your service is eligible for support.

Dates on this page are dependent on when health orders and advice are published by states, territories and the Chief Medical Officer.

Please monitor our website closely, as we update it regularly.

Business continuity payment update

Services in Metropolitan Melbourne that opted-in will get business continuity payments until the Victorian Government lifts restrictions around access to child care. This is currently expected to be 5 November 2021.

This means the end of the payments will not be contingent on a Commonwealth hotspot declaration. Services must still meet the other payment conditions.

Child care is not currently restricted in regional Victoria areas that are out of lockdown.

We will soon update our website with this information.

Eased restrictions in Mitchell Shire

Changes to Australian Government support apply to services in Mitchell Shire following the lifting of the COVID-19 hotspot from 11.59pm on 13 October.

Details about the eased restrictions are available on the Victorian Government COVID-19 response website.

The following changes apply to services in Mitchell Shire:

  • Regular absence provisions apply from today (14 October). That is, families can access up to 42 days per child, per financial year.
  • Services that opted-in in will get a final business continuity payment for the fortnight 4 to 17 October as the restrictions on child care will lift in Mitchell Shire.
  • OSHC services will continue to receive business continuity payments until all primary school students can return to school in person on 26 October, they will get a final business continuity payment for the fortnight 18 to 31 October.
  • Services getting business continuity payments must waive gap fees for children not attending until the end of the payment fortnight. They must resume charging fees from 18 October.
  • Services that are not getting business continuity payments must resume charging gap fees from today (14 October).

Learn more about COVID-19 support for services and families on our website.