COVID-19 in Victoria: what lockdowns in Geelong, Surf Coast and Mitchell Shire mean for child care services

Child care services in parts of Victoria that have gone into lockdown because of a COVID-19 outbreak can access Australian Government support.

On 19 September, the Victorian Government announced Geelong, the Surf Coast and Mitchell Shire would enter a seven-day lockdown.

Details about the lockdown are on the Victorian Government COVID-19 response website.

On 20 September, the Australian Government declared a Commonwealth COVID-19 Hotspot for those areas.

During the lockdown, child care is open only to:

  • vulnerable children
  • children of single parents and carers who are working and
  • children with one or more parents or carers who are authorised workers.

Services receiving business continuity payments

Services already receiving business continuity payments will continue to receive them until the lockdown ends.

Services that opted in by 9 September will receive payment for the fortnight 6 to 19 September. If circumstances remain the same, payments will end after this fortnight.

If the lockdown and the hotspot declaration are extended, services will receive payment for the fortnight 20 September to 3 October.

If services have opted in they do not need to tell us if they are going into or coming out of lockdown. They only need to tell us if their eligibility in meeting the other conditions of the payment changes

See this table for:

  • key dates for business continuity payments, gap fee waivers and absences, and
  • a full list of regions eligible for support.

Outside School Hours Care and vacation care

Outside School Hours Care (OSCH) services will continue to receive business continuity payments where school attendance is restricted and where services continue to meet the conditions.

That means OSHC services can continue to receive business continuity payments until all children are permitted to return to school in the affected area.

OSHC services that provide vacation care over the school holidays will receive 40% of their pre-lockdown revenue for this fortnight.

We will provide more information and update the guidelines shortly.

Services do not need to call the CCS Helpdesk. We will contact them about business continuity payments

Other support

Go to our website for more information about:

  • support for services
  • support for families
  • if services have to close
  • action you can take.