Mutual obligation requirements for job seekers to be gradually reintroduced from 4 August 2020

From 4 August 2020, job seekers must be willing to accept any offer of suitable paid work and penalties may now apply if a job seeker refuses a job without a reasonable excuse.

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Job seekers with providers will have the following mutual obligations:

  • undertake appointments with their employment services provider. This can be done online or over the phone or in exceptional circumstances in person.
  • agree to a Job Plan- the Job Plan sets out what a job seeker agrees to do while on payment and moving towards or back into employment.
  • undertake up to four job searches per month, tailored to local labour market conditions and
  • participate in training or other activities, either online or in person where safe to do so.

Job seekers in the Online Employment Service will be required to agree to their Job Plan and undertake up to four job searches per month.

All job seekers are encouraged to maintain contact with their employment services provider or log onto their jobactive dashboard regularly, to ensure they are aware of opportunities available for training, upskilling or employment.