Defence sector careers

Defence sector jobs and careers come in many forms across a range of organisations including the Australian Defence Force, the Australian Public Service, and within the Defence industry which supports defence.

Australian Defence Force

Crest for the Australian Defence Force

Comprising the Navy, Army and Air Force, the Australian Defence Force is a modern, people‑focused organisation; and one of Australia's major employers.

The Australian Defence Force can offer rewarding and fulfilling careers to suit people with broad ranging backgrounds, skill levels and interest. There are a variety of roles on offer, in particular in the fields of logistics, administration, science, technology and engineering.


There are also work experience opportunities in the Australian Defence Force.

Defence - Australian Public Service

Defence APS employees are employed in an array of critical positions, Australia wide, enabling our three services: Navy, Army and Air Force, to do their job. Defence employs Australian Public Service (APS) employees across Australia and the world.

Australian Government Department of Defence

Find out about the Department of Defence.

Explore the Department of Defence graduate program

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Australian Signals Directorate

Find out about the Australian Signals Directorate.

Explore the Australian Signals Directorate Graduate program

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Defence industry

The Australian Government is investing $200 billion in Australia’s defence capability.

A highly skilled Australian workforce will be needed to design, install, build, integrate and maintain our ships, submarines, aircraft, land vehicles, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities, and information technology and cyber security, and provide services to support the men and women in the Australian Defence Force.

Our defence industry will provide rewarding long-term career opportunities as a number of major Defence projects ramp up over the next decade. New opportunities will exist in the many Australian businesses across different regions of the country that contribute to Defence capabilities, as well as opportunities in the large multi‑national companies that also supply Defence.

To learn more go to the Defence Industry website.

Naval shipbuilding industry

The National Naval Shipbuilding Enterprise is the largest capital investment ever undertaken in Australia’s maritime history, representing a strategic national asset for future generations of Australians. It involves a national effort across multiple decades to create a sovereign Australian industrial base and secure employment opportunities for future generations. The Enterprise will offer opportunities for Australians to work on ship and submarine construction and sustainment programs, and in supply chains, with work ramping up significantly over the next decade.

National Shipbuilding College

The Naval Shipbuilding College is an integral part of an industry‑wide enterprise to develop a nationwide, skilled and multi‑generational workforce which will deliver the world’s most technologically advanced naval fleet. Experiences on these programs will be world class and create endless opportunities.

The College was established to connect people with opportunities across the industry. The College has a national focus on assisting potential candidates into employment or identify educational and training pathways to obtain their skilling goals. Working with organisations from tourism, hospitality, manufacturing and mining, the College is proactively engaging with displaced employees to identify opportunities to transfer their skills to their next opportunity.

The Workforce Register is the first port of call for Australians wanting to secure an exciting career within Australia’s naval shipbuilding industry. Whether you are starting your career, transitioning from another or need to up‑skill, the College can connect you with endorsed training programs across Australia to help you become ‘job‑ready’ for the shipbuilding industry.

The College is hosting a series of webinars to support job seekers throughout May, June and July. If you are interested in learning more about these webinars join the College mailing list.

Other Defence Careers

There are many defence industry jobs. Explore engineering and technology case studies on the Defence Industry website.

Get an overview of defence industries and jobs, including technical and trade roles on the MySkills website.

Find a university engineering and technology internship in defence industries on the Defence Industry Internship Program website.

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