Digital Skills Cadetship Trial

The Digital Skills Cadetship Trial will provide $10.7 million to support innovative approaches to cadetships for digital career paths, in order to increase the number of Australians with digital skills. 

About the initiative

The Australian Government will work with industry to trial the design and delivery of tailored training to meet employers’ digital skills requirements, coupled with on-the-job experience provided by host employers, in order to support Australians to pursue digital careers.

The Digital Skills Cadetship trial aims to deliver digital skills training in a more flexible and timely manner.

The trial will be driven by employer demand for skills in emerging and priority digital fields. This may include:

  • cybersecurity
  • advanced manufacturing
  • data analytics
  • game design
  • animation.

Each cadetship is expected to take between four to six months and comprise:

  • formal training
  • on-the-job learning through an employer-sponsored work placement
  • mentoring arrangements for cadets.

The formal training may be a combination of:

  • units within an existing VET qualification that could later be used as credit towards a full qualification
  • VET and higher education units packaged into new forms of micro-credentials and/or
  • formal training augmented with industry accredited training (e.g. training offered by global technology companies).

The trial shows the Australian Government’s commitment to working with industry to address industry’s emerging digital skills needs.

Government will support costs involved in identifying skills needs, developing training programs and materials, delivery of training, and mentoring support. Host employers would be responsible for employment related costs (e.g. salary).

The trial will generate valuable insights into approaches to strengthen connections between employers and education and training providers, and identify opportunities to enhance Australia’s national education and training system.

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Who is eligible?

The trial will support industry partners to: 

  • Determine the specific digital skills requirements of employers at the local level.
  • Work with education and training providers and employers to develop and deliver formal training programs, coupled with on-the-job learning, to meet identified digital skills requirements (utilising nationally-recognised training, higher education and industry-accredited training as appropriate).
  • Facilitate mentoring between cadets and experienced personnel.

Priority cadet cohorts include individuals seeking to augment existing skills to transition into new forms of employment or adapt to digitally augmented roles, as well as school leavers and graduates looking to commence a digital career pathway.

Cadetships will commence during 2022.

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