DESE Child Safe Policy

The department's Child Safe Policy was released on 4 March 2020.

The department is committed to promoting and maintaining a culture that does not permit or tolerate child abuse, neglect or exploitation. This policy establishes the department’s expectations of all staff to provide a safe environment for children and sets out our approach to managing risk to children and young people arising through the day-to-day work of the department.

The policy has been developed to give effect to the Commonwealth Child Safe Framework and the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations. The policy gives guidance on the processes and procedures that aim to ensure children’s safety and wellbeing across all areas of the department’s work.

The department’s Child Safe Policy is guided by the following principles:

  • recognise children’s rights and interests
  • build and maintain a child safe culture and environment
  • ensure all staff are aware of and comply with relevant requirements
  • provide support and protection to staff who report incidents under this policy.
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