COVID-19 in the ACT: Commonwealth Hotspot extended

The Australian Government has extended the current Commonwealth Hotspot for the Australian Capital Territory.

During the lockdown, child care services can remain open only for staff, vulnerable children and the children whose parents or carers cannot work from home.

Read the ACT’s Pathway Forward on the ACT Government website.

Support in a hotspot

Child care services in the ACT are eligible for a range of government support while in lockdown and in a hotspot.

All services in the ACT are eligible for business continuity payments if they meet conditions. Providers who have already accepted the offer will be receiving payments.

Payments will end either when the ACT is no longer in a COVID-19 hotspot or on 30 November 2021, whichever is earliest.

Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) services will continue to receive business continuity payments even when a COVID-19 hotspot ends until all primary school-aged children are permitted to return to school.

The current date for this in the ACT is 1 November 2021.

If OSHC services continue to meet the conditions for business continuity payments, aside from being in a COVID-19 hotspot, the last fortnightly payment will be for the period 18 to 31 October.

Learn more about business continuity payments.

All services in the ACT can waive gap fees while a COVID-19 hotspot has been declared.

Learn more about waiving gap fees.

All services in the ACT can access additional allowable absences while a COVID-19 hotspot has been declared.

Learn more about absences.

Stay up to date with support for services and families on our COVID-19 webpage.