Infringements and reporting fees

This month, we will issue a small number of infringements to providers who have not reported their fee information.

Reporting fee information is a requirement under Family Assistance Law.

We publish fees on Child Care Finder to help families find the care that best suits their needs.

We won’t be sending infringements to providers in regions heavily affected by COVID-19.

Report or update your fees through the Provider Entry Point (PEP) or your third-party software. If you need help, see the task card on reporting fees in the PEP or contact your third-party software provider.

Please allow up to 24 hours for Child Care Finder to reflect changes.

When reporting your fees, you must report:

  • current hourly or session fees before Child Care Subsidy (CCS), discounts or reductions
  • any changes to fees (within 14 days of the change).

If your service has a range of fees (for example, per educator or age group), you can report a typical or average fee.

All reporting obligations are listed in Appendix E of the Child Care Provider Handbook.

To find out more about infringements, visit our website.

Changes to

The way families find child care is changing.

From February 7, 2022, we will publish your fees, vacancies, quality ratings and inclusions on

Having this information in one place on the Starting Blocks website helps parents choose the best early childhood education and care for their family.

Providers must still report their fees and information as required by Family Assistance Law through the Provider Entry Point or their third-party software.

We’ll provide more information in the weeks and months ahead.

New: compliance video series

We’ve got a series of short, animated videos to help you understand your obligations under Family Assistance Law.

Topics include:

  • recording and reporting sessions of care
  • charging fees
  • what checks you and your staff need
  • when to tell us if things change
  • the rules about caring for relatives, including your own children or siblings.

If you receive CCS, you must ensure you, your services, relevant staff and educators comply with their obligations.

We may take compliance action if you fail to meet your obligations, including:

  • putting conditions on your approval
  • issuing an infringement
  • suspending or cancelling your approval.

Watch these short videos, review the Child Care Provider Handbook and do a quick compliance check-up to ensure you are meeting all of your obligations.