Issuing infringements

Soon, we will issue infringements to providers that don’t follow the rules under Family Assistance Law.

An infringement is a fine, like a parking ticket.

Infringements help providers avoid more severe penalties. They allow a provider to pay a small fine rather than go to court, where they may get a much larger penalty.

To receive Child Care Subsidy, providers have a range of administrative and reporting obligations. Good business administration and reporting helps the Government’s goals of the Child Care Subsidy be met. It is also essential to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most providers comply with the law and do the right thing. However, we’ll now be focusing more on some specific contraventions. Over the coming months, we’ll provide education and use infringements to help improve compliance.

Visit our website to find out more about infringements.

You can also read more about administrative and reporting obligations in Appendix E of the Child Care Provider Handbook.

Focus on fee reporting

Reporting fee information is a requirement under Family Assistance Law. We publish fees on Child Care Finder to help families find the care that best suits their needs.

From late November, we will issue a small number of infringements to providers who have not reported their fee information.

We won’t be sending infringements at the moment to providers in regions that have been heavily affected by COVID-19 recently.

We will provide more information about fee reporting in this newsletter in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, you should check if you have reported your fees through the Provider Entry Point (PEP) or your third-party software.

For help see the task card on reporting fees in the PEP or contact your software provider.