Employability Skills Training

Employability Skills Training (EST) helps you become job ready by providing intensive pre-employment training.

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EST gives you the opportunity to enhance your work readiness through two different blocks of targeted training. Participating in training will help you understand the expectations of employers in both the recruitment process and as a new employee in the workplace.

Depending on your situation there are two types of EST courses available, each designed to build upon differing skill sets, both which will help improve your chances at getting a job. You can do one or both of the courses. Each block is 75 hours of face-to-face training over three weeks.

The first course will focus on workplace skills and knowledge, developing IT, problem solving and communication abilities to meet the expectations of employers.

The second course will help you develop your resume and improve interview techniques, focusing on job preparation and job-hunting skills. This course will also give you the opportunity to participate in Industry Awareness Experiences. These experiences will provide you with an insight into the tasks and duties of different industries.

EST is available to young people (aged 15-24) in jobactive as part of the Youth Jobs PaTH program. If you are in jobactive and are interested in undertaking this training, you should talk to your jobactive provider.

From 1 October 2021, EST is also available to job seekers of all ages in Online Employment Services (OES). If you are in OES, you can use the self-referral booking function of your online account to book into an EST course.

A panel of Registered Training Organisations have been contracted to deliver EST Courses in 51 Employment Regions across Australia. Several Providers are delivering training to meet the needs of specific industries, for example, hospitality or retail. EST providers will also run separate courses for young job seekers and those aged 25 and over.