Employment Facilitators

Employment Facilitators provide a local presence for the department in identified regions. They are a local, on-the-ground resource to help workers and other job seekers reconnect with employment and training opportunities as quickly as possible. 

Employment Facilitators currently operate in 25 regions, which increased from 11 regions as part of the Local Jobs Program.


Employment Facilitators work with stakeholders to draw on local expertise, resources and access to help people who want to:

  • Enter the workforce
  • Find employment
  • Change jobs
  • Upskill
Employment Facilitators - Services

What Facilitators do

Employment Facilitators help to:

  • Deliver employment initiatives such as the Local Jobs Program and the Regional Employment Trials program.
  • Chair the Local Jobs and Skills Taskforces 
  • Provide local retrenched workers, job seekers and employers with advice and links to resources
  • Support people move to new job opportunities and other existing support
  • Improve employment opportunities for the local community 

Watch a video to see how employment facilitators work.

Employment facilitators - what they do

Watch this video to see how Employment Facilitators work with Employers.

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25 Employment Facilitators support the delivery of the Local Jobs Program across 25 regions. 11 Employment Facilitators are already in place. The additional 14 regions under the Local Jobs Program, are supported by Interim Employment Facilitators until permanent Employment Facilitators are announced.

Contact details for Employment Facilitators can be found on the Local Jobs Program page.

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Other Assistance available

For people in different regions of Australia, there are a number of other services available on the Department of Education, Skills and Employment website.