Reports from the Job Seeker Survey

How information from the Job Seeker Survey is used and where the results can be found.

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The Australian Government uses the information from the Job Seeker Survey to show the rate of employment and education outcomes for different groups of job seekers when they take part in employment services programs. The Government groups information together and does not release person level data.

Employment Services Outcomes reports

Results from the Job Seeker Survey are available in the quarterly Employment Services Outcomes report. Each report shows the employment and education outcomes of people who take part in Disability Employment Services and the Jobs, Land and Economy Program over a 12 month period. Job Services Australia outcomes have been reported in the Employment Services Outcomes reports to September 2015.

Employment Services Outcomes reports for jobactive have been produced from September 2016 after a full year of data had been collected.

Annual Report

The Job Seeker Survey forms the basis of many of the key performance and effectiveness indicators reported in the Department of Jobs and Small Business Annual Report (previously published in the Department of Employment Annual Report).

Other ways the Job Seeker Survey is used

The department also uses information from the Job Seeker Survey to review employment services programs.

Occasionally the survey results feed into other reports that the department publishes for external use. Survey data is always aggregated for reporting purposes.