Entrepreneurship Facilitator – Success stories

The following stories highlight how the Entrepreneurship Facilitator initiative has helped people to start and run their own business. If you’ve got a business idea and need practical assistance to turn it into a business, talk to an Entrepreneurship Facilitator near you.

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Stuart moved out of his comfort zone to create more opportunities

COVID-19 creates an opportunity for Jordan and Jye to start their business

Getting Sophie’s nutrition business off the ground

Meagan shares her love of dance to reach for the stars

Sonja uses her passion for teaching to start her own business

Entrepreneurship Facilitator helps Ben to use COVID-19 as an opportunity to sell his designs

From learning the true value of photos to starting a business

Helping businesses to adapt to challenges during COVID-19

Melody and Josh identified a gap in their local health club market and built their dream business

Turning a local market store into a sustainable business

Opening a well-known business and community hub