The Child Care Financial Integrity Strategy helps you to make sure that you, your employees and educators meet all obligations under National Law and Family Assistance Law.

Child Care Financial Integrity Strategy

The Child Care Financial Integrity Strategy helps providers to ensure child care funding is properly administered by:

  • Detailing the principles that help make fair and consistent decisions in financial integrity matters
  • Outlining the department's expectations and potential intervention responses
  • Helping providers, services, educators and families to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to comply with the law

If you have any questions about child care financial integrity, email

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Child Care Enforcement Action Register

The Child Care Enforcement Action Register contains:

  • A list of services that have been penalised for breaking the law
  • Details about each service and the reason for imposing the penalty
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Help us keep the system fair

Help us ensure child care payments are:

  • Only made to those who are entitled to receive them
  • Not provided to people who 'accidentally' or intentionally set out to exploit the system

If you think a child care service or an individual is doing the wrong thing or is trying to get an unfair advantage, please contact us – you don't even have to give us your name:


These resources are available to help you comply with the Family Assistance Law:

New resources will be added to this list as they become available. The best way to keep across these updates is to subscribe to our weekly Child Care Package newsletter and visit the website regularly.

More information

  • Call the Child Care Subsidy Helpdesk on 1300 667 276. Call charges apply to ‘13’ numbers from mobile phones.
  • Send an email to