Foundation Skills Frameworks Review Project

Reviewing the frameworks that describe core skills

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About the frameworks: ACSF and DLSF

The Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) and Digital Literacy Skills Framework (DLSF) are descriptive frameworks that give us a common language and a set of reference points for discussing, learning, reading, writing, oral communication, numeracy and digital literacy skills. They are used in diverse programs and in a range of product and policy development and workforce capability contexts.



About the framework review project

The Department has commissioned the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) to review the ACSF and DLSF.

The purpose of the research project is to:

  • Catalogue and report on the frameworks and tools used by the VET and ACE sectors to assess the language, literacy, numeracy, and digital literacy skills of learners.
  • Review the frameworks to ensure they are meeting the needs of stakeholders and reflecting the real life performance of core skills across the three domains of personal and community, workplace and employment, and education and training.

Phase 1: Discovery

December 2021 – February 2022

Purpose: To source information from key informants and desk research to inform the project questions and establish the approach to stakeholder consultation. This phase will explore how the frameworks are used.

Phase 2: Consultation

February – April 2022

Purpose: To gather stakeholder input on:

  • Who uses the frameworks and examples of how they’re used
  • How the frameworks are used in Commonwealth programs and other contexts
  • Why some stakeholders are currently not using the frameworks
  • What support is needed when using the frameworks and barriers to framework implementation
  • Opportunities for strengthening the frameworks

Collecting stakeholder insights: The project will use a range of consultation activities, including:

  • Online survey: March 2022
  • Forums hosted by peak bodies
  • Targeted interviews
  • Facilitated group discussions

Phase 3: Consolidation and Reporting

May – June 2022

Based on the discovery and consultation, ACER will present findings to the Department for consideration in relation to the frameworks and/or the development of additional tools.

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