Data Career Pathway

Are you passionate about working with data? Do you have a desire to use data to help develop and improve outcomes for Australians? The department is eager to recruit graduates who can use their strong analytical, numeric and communication skills and apply them to real-world issues to help develop policies and deliver programs that contribute to Australia’s education and employment needs today and into the future.

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We offer formal and on-the-job training supported by experienced supervisors to develop your skills in quantitative and data analysis using industry-standard software like SAS and SQL.

The department is focused on attracting graduates from a range of disciplines including economics, commerce, statistics, mathematics, science, social research, actuarial studies, finance, psychology and a variety of others that involve working with and analysing data.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for highly motivated graduates from a wide range of disciplines and life experiences, who want to play a part in shaping Australia’s future and informing the decision making process. You can apply to the APS Data Graduate recruitment program and be considered for a variety of exciting roles across the APS.

‘We need people that are flexible and passionate about the importance of good data and evidence to support Education, Skills and Employment policy and programs today and into the future. Great communication skills are essential, along with an ability to innovate, analyse, and have an attention to detail, ensuring we provide the best information needed for timely decision-making.’ - Lewis Conn – Chief Data Officer

We seek highly motivated graduates with degrees in one of the following disciplines or any other field with a focus on quantitative analysis and problem solving. We are interested in people with enthusiasm, a good work ethic and an attitude open to learning and innovation. Strong interpersonal and communication skills are also highly valued.

Examples of what our graduates are doing and may specialise in include:

Pathway Disciplines

Discipline 1: Data Management and Analysis Discipline 2: Compliance and Assurance Discipline 3: Economics
Improving the way the department collects, manages, analyses and releases data.


We apply advanced analytical techniques to a range of integrated datasets to gain insights into complex policy problems or evaluate the performance of policies and programs.

Monitoring program performance and protecting government outlays by using cutting-edge techniques and visualisations to identify non-compliance and fraud Developing strategic economic advice and analysis including economic models to support policy development that promote sustainable and achievable outcomes

What our data graduates do

Data graduate roles support evidence-based, informed decision making, and work across all aspects of government such as policy development, program management and service delivery. Data Graduate roles cover the full data lifecycle including survey and questionnaire development, data acquisition, data engineering and data analysis, as well as more specialised disciplines such as data science, economics, methodology, Geospatial analysis and data management.

‘My job is about analysing data from a variety of sources in the frame of the ‘Investment Approach’. I look at the public and private returns to the economy on different occupations and fields of education to work out which should be funded more or less by the government. I really have no experience in data analytics but think it’s really important for everyone to understand, no matter what you want to do – so far I’ve learnt everything on-the-job!’ Alexander, Data Graduate (2020)

‘The graduate program helped me to develop a lot of the skills I needed to work at a higher work standard later in my career. This department is happy to offer you the chance to rise to the occasion. While with the department, I have the privilege to work with and learn from some of the brightest people in Australia, for example, my managers have assisted me to develop my interest in financial modelling to estimate the impact of the ‘Gonski 2.0’ policy changes for schools funding on budget expenditure.’ - Ian, Data Graduate (2016)

2021 recruitment

Applications for the APS Data Graduate 2021 recruitment program are now closed. More information on the 2022 program will be coming in late 2020 or early 2021.