Data Stream

Are you passionate about working with data? Do you want to work with a wide variety of rich data sources from across our department’s broad remit, while advancing and learning new data skills?

The department is eager to recruit graduates who can apply their strong analytical, numeric and communication skills to real-world issues to help develop policies and deliver programs that contribute to Australia’s education and employment needs today and into the future.

DESE is a participating agency in the Australian Government Graduate Program Data Stream. Applications for the 2023 AGGP Data Stream have now closed.

On this page:

We offer formal and on-the-job training supported by experienced supervisors to develop your skills in quantitative and data analysis using industry-standard software including, but not limited to, SAS, R, Python, Power BI and SQL. Programming experience is not essential but may be beneficial for some graduate placements.

Additionally, all graduates in the DESE Graduate Program will undertake a Graduate Certificate in Public Administration as the formal learning and development component of the program. This additional tertiary qualification offers all graduates a strong foundational understanding of working in the APS and in a policy agency. This will benefit you, regardless of what stream you are in.

Throughout the graduate program, you will have the opportunity to work with and learn from subject matter experts to advance your data skills.

The department is focused on attracting graduates from a range of disciplines including economics, commerce, statistics, mathematics, science, social research, actuarial studies, finance, psychology and a variety of others that involve working with and analysing data.

If you have a desire to use data to inform evidence-based policy which aims to help develop and improve outcomes for Australians, we want to hear from you. DESE welcomes applications from all degree disciplines for our DESE Graduate Program. The department offers mainstream positions and a number of specialist career streams including Data.

What our data graduates do

Here at DESE, data graduates get exposure to and use data from a range of rich data sources within the department’s portfolio, including early childhood and child care, employment, higher education, research and international, schools, skills and training.

Data graduate roles cover the full data lifecycle including survey and questionnaire development, data acquisition, data engineering and data analysis, as well as more specialised disciplines such as data science, economics, methodology, geospatial analysis, machine learning and modelling, and data management.

The work our data graduates undertake supports evidence-based, informed decision making and work across all aspects of government including policy development, program management and service delivery.

Some of the areas in the department and what a data graduate could be working on include but are not limited to:

  • Data Analysis and Reporting
    • improving the way the department collects, manages, analyses and releases data. This includes applying advanced analytical techniques to a range of integrated datasets to gain insights into complex policy problems or to evaluate the performance of policies and programs.
  • Compliance and Assurance
    • monitoring program performance and protecting government outlays by using cutting-edge techniques and visualisations to identify non-compliance and fraud.
  • Economics
    • developing strategic economic advice and analysis including economic models to support policy development that promotes sustainable and achievable outcomes.

We are looking for highly motivated graduates from a wide range of disciplines and life experiences, who want to play a part in shaping Australia’s future and informing the decision-making process. You can apply to the APS Data Graduate recruitment program and be considered for a variety of exciting roles across the APS.

‘DESE draws on the best available research, evidence and data to contribute to Australia's economic prosperity and social wellbeing by creating opportunities and driving better outcomes for people through education, skills and employment pathways.

We need people that are passionate about the importance of good data and evidence to support policy and program delivery. Great communication, innovations and critical thinking skills are essential to ensure we provide the best information needed for timely decision making.’ - Susie Kluth – Acting DESE Chief Data Officer

There are no requirements for any particular degrees or disciplines, however, the types of backgrounds that may be advantageous for a data graduate position include analytics, actuarial studies, business, commerce, computer science, data management, data science or mining, demography, economics, econometrics, engineering, finance, mathematics or mathematical modelling, machine learning, psychology, risk and intelligence analysis, science, social sciences, and statistics and research.

Background or knowledge in any other field with a focus on quantitative analysis problem solving and research would also be an advantage.  We are seeking highly motivated graduates with enthusiasm, a good work ethic, and an attitude open to learning and innovation who enjoy working as part of a team. Strong interpersonal and communication skills are also highly valued.

Applying for our Graduate Program as a Data Graduate

We are a participating agency in the AGGP Data Stream which is part of the Australian Government Graduate Program (AGGP). Applications for the 2023 AGGP Data Stream have now closed. 

DESE Graduate Program

Applications are open for generalist positions through 2023 DESE Graduate Program. Many of our generalist positions require graduates with data skills so if you are interested in gaining an entry level pathway into the APS, we encourage you to apply. Through the 2023 DESE Graduate Program, we are seeking graduates from all degree disciplines. Apply by 3 July.

Our work is diverse and meaningful offering you many ways to use your degree in ways you never imagined? Join us!

DESE Graduate Program - Our recruitment process

Applications for the 2023 DESE Graduate Program are now open.

If you apply direct through our graduate process the first step in the application process is to submit your application by Sunday 3 July 2022.  You will be advised at each stage of the process if you have progressed further.

If you have any questions, email

AGGP Stream eligibility criteria:

To be eligible for AGGP data stream, you must submit a completed application prior to the closing date and time and provide evidence or confirmation of the following:

  • Be an Australian citizen by 30 June 2022
  • have completed (or will complete) at least an Australian Qualifications Framework Level 7 qualification (a Bachelor degree), equivalent, or higher equivalent by 31 December 2022
  • have completed your most recent degree no more than 5 years ago on the date you lodge your application
  • be able to obtain and maintain a valid Australian Government security clearance once accepted onto the program when required. Further information on security clearances is available from Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA)
  • be willing to undergo any police, character, health or other checks required.
  • Successful applicants will be placed in a merit pool that will be considered by the APS and Commonwealth entities. Please note that agencies and departments and will offer different employment conditions and graduate program features.
  • You must submit a completed application through the AGGP process prior to the closing date and time and provide evidence or confirmation of the components of the Eligibility criteria.

If you have any questions, email