Remission of Higher Education Loan Program debts for teachers in very remote areas

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Waiving indexation on accumulated HELP debt

Application forms are now available for indexation waivers on your accumulated HELP debt.

You may be eligible to apply if you are a teacher in a very remote area of Australia (using the ABS Remoteness Structure) at any of the following:

  • a school providing primary or secondary education
  • a centre based day care service or
  • a preschool

If you commenced teaching at a school in a very remote area on or any time after the 14th of February 2019, you may be eligible to apply.

Indexation can be waived while you are teaching at a school in a very remote area. Once you are no longer teaching in a very remote area, indexation on any remaining HELP debt will recommence.

The list of centre based day care services operating in very remote areas:

The list of eligible preschools in New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland and South Australia:

The list of eligible primary and secondary schools:

Please refer to the Very remote schools list for preschools located in eligible locations in Western Australia and Tasmania.

Remission of accumulated HELP debt

Applications for remission of HELP debts will be available from 2023.

Once you have been engaged as a teacher, including an early childhood teacher, for four years in a very remote area, you may be eligible to have your outstanding HELP debt remitted.

Teachers must complete four years full time in a six-year period, or the pro-rated part time equivalent, commencing on or after the start of the 2019 school year.

The HELP debt to be remitted would be up to the cost of obtaining your initial teacher education qualification in either Commonwealth supported study (HECS‑HELP), a full fee-paying place (FEE‑HELP) or a combination of both.

The debt to be remitted is limited to the HELP debt outstanding at the commencement of your placement, and to a maximum of five years of education qualification related tuition costs. The department will work with you and the ATO to calculate this amount.

Further information is available on the Frequently asked questions page.

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