Redistribution pool of medical places – Discussion Paper

This content was published on Monday 23 September 2019. There may be more recent updates available.

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The Australian Government is establishing a small pool of up to 60 medical Commonwealth supported places (CSPs) drawn from existing university allocations every three years. These places will be redistributed between universities to support key health workforce priorities. The first round for 2021 will focus on helping to build the rural and regional medical workforce.  

The department has released a discussion paper inviting stakeholder comments on the establishment and implementation of the redistribution pool. The paper also invites input to help develop specific policy parameters for the rollout of the redistribution process over successive triennial periods.

The discussion paper includes the new Assessment Framework and guiding principles that will support universities developing proposals for new or expanded medical programs. All proposals for new medical schools and/or medical CSPs going forward will be assessed against the Assessment Framework.

The deadline for submissions is 5 pm AEDT on Friday, 25 October 2019.