Other exempt services

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All providers need to be approved under Family Assistance Law for individuals to be eligible for Child Care Subsidy and Additional Child Care Subsidy for the care their services provide.

However, certain services are exempt from meeting requirements under the National Law and National Regulations for the purposes of their Family Assistance Law approval. These are services that were funded under the Budget Based Funded program prior to July 2018 and a small number of other specified services under the Minister’s Rules. These services are also exempt from Family Assistance Law requirements relating to the minimum operating periods for Centre Based Day Care and Outside School Hours Care, to allow for community circumstances. The following sections set out the alternative requirements for these services.

These services are required to meet the standards relating to safety, quality and insurances and are required to develop a Quality Improvement Plan and then review annually, so they gradually align their practice with the National Quality Framework.

Services must be able to provide evidence of compliance with the additional conditions of continued approval discussed below. This may involve providing, on request, copies of certificates, qualifications, policies and processes that support the delivery of the service as described below.

If additional services are approved under these requirements, they will be listed by name in the Minister’s Rules.