Australia-Malaysia webinar series: Education & Research in the COVID-19 Era

This content was published on Monday 1 November 2021. There may be more recent updates available.

Over 23-25 August, the Department’s Malaysia Post in Kuala Lumpur hosted the Education and Research in the COVID-19 Era webinar series in conjunction with the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education.

The series was designed to further knowledge sharing and engagement opportunities for Australian education providers in Malaysia, and showcased expertise from both Australian and Malaysian TVET and higher education providers, researchers and government officials.

The five-part webinar series covered current international education hot topics such as quality assurance in online education; assessment integrity in online education; teaching VET online during COVID-19; research collaborations during COVID-19 and employability in the post-COVID-19 era. The series was hugely popular with over 1,000 participants from all over the world.  

Malaysia is a priority education partner for Australia, we have a close bilateral relationship and strong historical ties. Malaysia hosts more Australian university campuses than any other country and is an active research collaborator.

Through the work of Ms Fiona Morris, Australia's Education and Research Counsellor in Kuala Lumpur, the department has deepened its long-running education relationship with the Malaysian Government and continues to encourage and develop mutually beneficial partnerships between Australian and Malaysian education providers and researchers.

Building opportunities to grow online and offshore delivery by Australian education providers is one key focus of the new Australian Strategy for International Education, which will set out a national vision for the sector over the next ten years. 

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