International skills engagement

International skills engagement is progressed by maintaining systems and policies to support the vocational education and training (VET) student market, both here and overseas. This helps to ensure Australia is seen as an international leader in skills policy and system design.

VET International Engagement Strategy 2025

The VET International Engagement Strategy 2025 (the Strategy) was launched in December 2019. The Strategy aims to:

  • Deliver on the full potential and reputation of the Australian VET sector internationally
  • Ensure the sustainable growth of the sector
  • Position Australia as a:
    • Country of choice for international VET students
    • Leader in the development of a globally skilled workforce

It will achieve this by setting out a framework of key targeted actions to:

  • Increase Australia’s share in the international education market
  • Grow international demand for Australian VET expertise
  • Open up international market opportunities for Australian VET providers

Organisations and agencies can use the Strategy as a guide to inform their individual strategic plans and international engagement activities.

An implementation plan for the Strategy will be developed in 2020. The plan will be guided from the Expert Members of the Council for International Education and developed with a working group drawn from:

  • The VET sector
  • Industry
  • Government

Related initiatives

The Strategy helps deliver on the goals of the National Strategy for International Education 2025 to support the sustainable growth of Australia’s VET sector internationally.

Other initiatives focus on:

  • Developing policy frameworks
  • Innovative training products
  • Capacity-building
  • Developing VET systems aligned with local industry needs

These include the International Skills Training Courses , which has been developed through partnerships and international forums.


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