International Skills Training Courses

The International Skills Training (IST) courses were launched by the Australian Government in April 2017 to deliver training courses specifically designed for the offshore international student market.

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What are the International Skills Training courses?

IST courses have been developed by Australian Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) experts and are approved by the Australian Government for delivery by quality Australian Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). IST courses support global demand for quality training and assessment skills which bolster aspirations for economic growth.

Many countries are currently seeking to improve their TVET outcomes, while industry demands increasing numbers of skilled workers, and workers seeking quality training. The IST courses meet this growing demand.

Australia’s investment in its TVET system, based on high quality standards and industry-defined skills requirements, enables partner countries to grow their skills capacity.

How can IST courses be delivered?

The IST courses have been tailored for flexible offshore delivery by Australian RTOs. Training can be delivered in partnership with local training providers, governments at all levels, or private employers.

The adaptability of the IST courses lends itself to deliver across a range of skills training sectors and industries.

The courses offer flexible design to enable contextualisation for the target market. They are a non-accredited alternative to the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and other courses already delivered offshore.

Learners who successfully complete an IST course are awarded a completion certificate carrying the Australian Government crest. Certificates and Statements of Training can be verified via the International Skills Training Courses Program Verification Database.

Courses currently on offer

Training & Assessment suite

  • TVET Trainer
  • TVET Assessor
  • TVET Advanced Trainer and Assessor

Other skills areas

The Department is currently developing (in consultation with subject matter experts) courses in other high-demand, priority skills areas for partner countries. These new IST courses will be added to the program from 2022.

Approved IST providers can also propose accreditation of self-developed IST courses via a separate application process detailed in the Application Requirements for new course offerings by approved Australian Registered Training Organisations under the International Skills Training Program.

How to get involved

Australian RTOs must apply to deliver the International Skills Training - Training and Assessment courses. A list of current IST providers is available on our website.

Annual Fees

  • An annual fee of $4,000 (GST inclusive) is payable by each RTO approved to participate in the delivery of the program.

Countries of delivery

Approved RTO participants can apply to deliver the IST courses in all countries (except Australia). The IST courses have successfully been trialled and implemented in several key markets including in India, Latin America, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and China.

Program guidelines and application materials are available through the following links:

Applications by RTOs can be submitted electronically to

Further information

For further information please contact the Department or visit the FAQs webpage.