Projects and engagement

The Department provides technical advice and capacity building to other governments on the development of high quality, flexible, skills and vocational education and training systems that are integrated with the needs of industry. This includes establishing formal cooperation and engagement mechanisms with selected international stakeholders and specific projects to improve the skills-base within the Asia-Pacific region.

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Developing occupational standards

APEC Transport and Logistics Occupational Standards project: development of occupational standards for five occupations in the transport and logistics sector with China, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. The project is designed to help improve connections between industry and training systems to ensure skills that meet labour market needs.

Indian-Ocean Rim Association (IORA) Port Operations Project: developing occupational standards for select occupations in the port operations sector for the Indian Ocean region. This project supports skill development in the maritime sector, enabling Australia’s IORA partners to increase industry capacity and support skilled labour mobility across the region. The project involves Australia, Indonesia, India, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

Occupational Standards - diesel fitter and welder: developing occupational standards with Australian industry partners to specify the core skills required for the occupations of diesel fitter and welder. This project will support Australian businesses overseas as well as skilled labour mobility and international agreement on occupational standards.

Capacity building

Vocational Education and Training Qualification Benchmarking and Development Project: Benchmarking project with the Philippines and Vietnam to develop occupational standards in four industry sectors (agriculture, automotive, civil construction and manufacturing). The project aims to build the capacity of public sector organisations in the Philippines and Vietnam to engage industry in their VET systems.

Indian sports collaboration: a capacity building project creating sustainable linkages between industry participants, training providers and other partners in the sports sector.


Bilateral benchmarking with China, the Republic of Korea and India: the Australian Government, in partnership with industry, is benchmarking qualifications and/or occupational standards with China, South Korea and India in several key industry sectors.

Regional skills recognition

An initiative to recognise skills across APEC: developing a mechanism for better understanding the skills and knowledge held by workers across APEC, with a focus on the technical vocational education and training sector.

International courses

International Skills Training Courses: an Australian Government initiative, announced in December 2015, the International Skills Training courses will see the development of new training products  specifically designed for the offshore international student market.

These courses aim to address critical competency gaps and skills demands facing the international workforce and the global economy. Importantly, they will also facilitate opportunities for Australian registered training organisations (RTOs) and multinational businesses to expand operations into foreign economies.

More information on the International Skills Training Courses initiative, including the three international TVET Trainer and Assessor courses currently available can be found on the International Skills Training Courses page.