Job Outlook

Change is coming to how we deliver our labour market information. Over the coming months data and content on Job Outlook will be moving over to the National Skills Commission (NSC) website. Visit the Your Career website for career information and tools. Please subscribe to keep up to date as developments occur.

How it works

The Job Outlook website can help you search for or change your job by:

  • Exploring your job options
  • Learning about job tasks, prospects and pay
  • Matching your work style and interests to potential jobs
  • Discovering the jobs you could do with your work experience
Image - How it works

Who it's for

Job Outlook helps many different people learn about occupations and trends in the jobs market. The main users of Job Outlook are:

  • Careers advisors
  • Rehabilitation consultants
  • Employment Services Providers
  • Migration agents
  • Policy and program officers
  • Students
  • Job seekers
  • Workers considering options for their next step
Job Outlook - who is it for