October is Mental Health Month

This content was published on Wednesday 7 October 2020. There may be more recent updates available.

We want you to know that having mental health issues need not stop you from having a long term and meaningful job.

Our employment services providers support job seekers with mental health issues to get back on track and to find and keep a job.

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A few years ago, Beau got help from AMES Australia to find a job, at which he excelled. Recently, Beau came back to AMES for help as his mental health issues had resurfaced. AMES referred Beau to counselling services and created a pathway job plan to help him overcome his barriers and work towards an employment goal.

With the help of AMES, Beau successfully found a job again and with continued support, he is now in sustainable employment.


Sun-hwa is a mature age job seeker who struggled to stay in her job due to poor mental health. In addition, Sun-hwa comes from a culturally and linguistically diverse background and has limited social and family support.

AMES worked with Sun-hwa to support her mental health and wellbeing. They tailored her job plan to include health assistance and referred her to an allied health agency for appropriate support.

Sun-hwa was successful in finding a job and has been given regular support after her placement. Sun-hwa happily achieved long-term employment and is thriving in her role.


Dee was in a vulnerable situation after being kicked out of her family home and moving into an unsafe share house. Unfortunately, the waiting list for local community mental health support was very long, so Dee’s provider, AMES Australia helped her arrange financial assistance to receive services from a private psychologist.

“We also linked Dee to all the support services needed to get secure housing and support.”

Following counselling and continued job coaching, Dee successfully found a casual position and later full-time hours in a long-term position with another employer. Dee also secured her very first rental property and is now able to pay the rent and live independently.


Echo Australia helped Ed work through his mental health issues and find stable housing.

Ed was given information on housing options and available assistance, as well as on COVID-19 restrictions so he was clear on what he could do during this unusual time.

Recently, Ed was able to find a place to move to in his preferred location. He is happy and satisfied with the assistance from his provider and now feels a lot more at ease.

At this stage Ed is settling into stable accommodation and improving his mental health, and his provider keeps in contact to support Ed as he works towards employment.


When Will was referred to AMES Australia he had just been made redundant from his job. He was angry about his situation and very reluctant to engage with his provider.

At his first meeting with his provider Will seemed very worried about his job hunting, and was feeling like he was useless. His provider helped him find ways to reduce his stress, organised to have his mutual obligations reassessed in light of his current circumstances, and helped him with the income support payment process.

Will got help to prepare his résumé, apply for jobs and prepare for interviews. He was ultimately offered a job he was passionate about. His provider  checks in regularly and encourages him to contact them for any work-related assistance.

Due to ill health, Will is not currently employed but he said working with his employment consultant helped him with the challenges he was facing, and is very thankful for their assistance and for guiding him through.