Evaluation of jobactive

jobactive is the Australian Government’s way to get more Australians into work. It connects job seekers with employers and is delivered by a network of jobactive providers across the country. This employment service model commenced on 1 July 2015, replacing the Job Services Australia 2012-2015 (JSA 2012) employment services model.

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The jobactive employment services model is being evaluated to assess the extent to which the stated objectives of jobactive are being met and contribute to the existing body of research on employment service delivery in Australia. Further detail on the aims and scope of the evaluation of jobactive can be found in the evaluation strategy.

Interim Report

The interim evaluation report investigates the initial stage of job seeker participation in the jobactive, including the impacts of transition arrangements and Work for the Dole. This evaluation incorporates comparative analysis of administrative data from early in the jobactive contract and a similar period in the JSA 2012 contract, as well as analysis of stakeholder feedback.

A summary of the key findings of the interim evaluation report is also available, along with the Departmental Response to the report.