JobAccess - help and advice on disability employment

JobAccess is the national hub for workplace and employment information for people with disability, employers and service providers. JobAccess provides free, confidential and accessible information and advice through a comprehensive, easy-to-use website and a telephone information service that provides information and advice on disability employment related matters. It offers help and workplace solutions for people with disability and employers.

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About the JobAccess website

The JobAccess website provides information developed specifically for people with disability, employers and service providers.

It has information on recruitment, job searching, adjusting a workplace, financial support, government programs, employer supports, understanding rights and responsibilities at work and much more.

Financial assistance for employers

A range of government support is available for employers of people with disability. The JobAccess website gives you information on how employers can apply for assistance, including:

  • the Employment Assistance Fund - is designed to cover the costs of making workplace changes. This can include buying equipment and accessing services for people with disability.
  • the Supported Wage System – which allows eligible people with disability to access productivity based wage assessments to determine fair pay for fair work.
  • the Wage Subsidy Scheme - payments made to employers through Disability Employment Services to help cover the costs of paying wages in the first few months of employment of a person with disability.

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