Learning about the Targeted Compliance Framework: How to meet and track your mutual obligation requirements

If you have mutual obligation requirements, you will need to learn about the Targeted Compliance Framework.

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The framework provides you the tools to track and report the progress of your mutual obligation requirements. It does this by showing you what zone you’re in through a traffic light system. Through this, you can confidently understand what you need to do to ensure your income support payment is not put on hold.

The following resources are designed to assist you to learn more about the Targeted Compliance Framework:

Videos (as available below)

  • Targeted Compliance Framework – Understanding financial penalties
  • Targeted Compliance Framework – Introduction to the compliance system
  • Targeted Compliance Framework – Your jobactive website dashboard
  • Targeted Compliance Framework – Understanding compliance zones



Learn more about how you can stay on top of your mutual obligation requirements and avoid financial penalties.

The Targeted Compliance Framework is designed to help you stay on track with your mutual obligation requirements.

The jobactive website dashboard is where you can report, keep track and learn more about your mutual obligation requirements and the Targeted Compliance Framework.

It is important to understand what the compliance zones are and how they work, when completing your mutual obligation requirements.