Key official documents about early childhood

We regularly issue public reports about the make-up of child care services in Australia, the participation of Indigenous families in child care, and findings from other surveys and studies. 

Quarterly reports since July 2018 

Each quarter, we issue a summary of activity in the child care sector, including information on the number of Indigenous families using child care. The Child Care in Australia quarterly reports use data from the child care system introduced in July 2018. 



Data about Indigenous participation 

The Child Care in Australia data from the March quarter 2020 includes a revised time series of Indigenous participation in child care for the period July 2018 to March 2020. This follows inconsistencies in the data. As a result, no Indigenous data was in the December quarter 2019 publication. The inconsistencies, particularly for how children and families were identified as Indigenous, have been addressed. Users of this data should refer to the link below for data from September quarter 2018 to December quarter 2019. 

Revised Indigenous data tables 

Quarterly reports before July 2018 

The Early Childhood and Child Care in Summary reports give a snapshot of the sector under the previous child care system. The reports include data from the Child Care Management System and MyChild website. The reports show the number of children and families using child care, the costs of care, and the numbers and types of services in Australia.  







2010-2012: Child Care Update 

Child Care Updates were produced by the department before the above summaries. 

Child Care Services Census pre-2010 

The Australian Government conducted the Census of Child Care Services between 1986 and 2006. The results were used to monitor the growth and operation of services, and to assist in policy making. 

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