Business support tools and resources for child care services

The Department of Education and Training, in consultation with a range of child care stakeholders, has compiled a suite of business support tools and resources to help child care services to review their business operations in the context of transitioning to the new child care package that began on 2 July 2018. These resources are a simple and practical way that services can plan, review and grow their businesses into the future.

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The suite of business support resources includes key financial and business planning tools and resources that will be useful for all care types and service types. These include:

Child Care Services Business Support Resource: This resource includes information on the new child care arrangements from 2 July 2018, and some ideas services may want to consider, particularly in responding to the greater operational flexibility.

Child Care Services Business Support Resource - Video Presentation

Scenario Analysis and Budgeting Tools: Services can use these tools to understand how certain factors may impact their financial results. There are three different scenario analysis tools; a simple tool, and two detailed tools; one for small to medium services and another for large services.

Business Planning Templates: These include a business plan, project plan and risk management plan.

Child Care Services Grant Application Support Resource, which was published by the department in September 2017, was developed for use by child care services to provide guidance on grant application development. The resource enables services to understand how to structure a grant application, what critical information to include, and how to address selection criteria.

 Community Child Care Fund Business Support

If services require further help after using the tools above, a free business review and advice service under the Community Child Care Fund is available to child care services experiencing financial viability and/or sustainability issues, particularly in disadvantaged or vulnerable communities. A business advisor, engaged by the Department of Education and Training, will provide eligible services with business strategies to become viable and operate sustainably under the new child care package.

Further information and resources are available at Community Child Care Fund Business Support