National Workforce Census

The National Workforce Census helps us develop and measure policies and programs for the early childhood sector. The 2021 census is underway.

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2021 National Workforce Census

The fourth Early Childhood Education and Care National Workforce Census is being held for:

  • all child care providers approved under Family Assistance Law, and
  • dedicated preschools in all states and territories.

We are collecting information on:

  •  service usage
  •  children with additional needs
  •  access to preschool programs, and
  •  staff details, including staff demographics, types of work, qualifications, experience, and current study.

This information will be used to provide a national overview of the early childhood education and care workforce. This will inform policy, like the new National Children’s Education and Care Workforce Strategy, so that providers can continue to provide quality care while supporting parents to participate in the workforce.

How do I get involved?

The Social Research Centre will conduct the census on our behalf.

They will contact providers directly about registering for the National Workforce Census.

They will contact vacation care providers in February, and all other providers and preschools in March.

You can register or login for the National Workforce Census on Social Research Centre website. Enter the information provided to you by the Social Research Centre.