Labour Market Information Portal

Change is coming to how we deliver our labour market information.

Over the coming months data and content on LMIP will be moving over to the National Skills Commission (NSC) website. Please subscribe to keep up to date as developments occur.

About the LMIP

The Labour Market Information Portal is an online resource that brings together data, reports and insights to help you better understand your local labour market.

LMIP has information that unlocks deeper insights into the jobs in demand in your region and local labour market conditions. Knowing how jobs in Australia are changing gives you a big picture view of where future opportunities might be.

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Understand the jobs market

Explore employment data for more than 80 regions and across 19 industries. Find:

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Main users of the portal

The main users of the Labour Market Information Portal (LMIP) are:

  • Employment service providers
  • Job seekers
  • Policy and program analysts
  • Economists
  • People helping job seekers find work
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