Townsville (includes Mt Isa)

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Local Recovery Funds

A Local Recovery Fund is available in the Townsville (includes Mt Isa) region for projects that meet the priorities identified in the Local Jobs Plan.

Projects will be identified for funding through periodic Request for Proposals (RFP).

Please contact your local Employment Facilitator for information about the Local Recovery Fund and to discuss project proposals.

Approved Activities

Activity Name Organisation Partnering Employment Services Provider Description
selectaJob selectability Limited Workways Australia This activity involves a training and employment project for job seekers with selectability Limited, an employer in the community care sector.  The activity will engage job seekers in a theory-based training package followed by an employment placement as a care worker. This activity will reskill and support the employment of job seekers into the community care sector in the Townsville Region.
LAUNCH Community Information Centre Townsville Inc. The Busy Group LTD t/a BUSY at Work This activity involves 45 participants completing a Certificate III in Community Services (CHC32015) and unpaid work experience with care sector project partners. Participants will be supported by individually tailored mentoring to obtain employment with housing, welfare, health, and community service providers.

For further information on the activity, please contact the Employment Facilitator or the organisation.

Local Jobs Plan

Townsville (includes Mt Isa) Local Jobs Plan

Employment Facilitator

Stephenie Nicolaou
Townsville (includes Mt Isa) Employment Facilitator
0419 465 308


Townsville (includes Mt Isa)

Local Jobs and Skills Taskforce

Representative Organisation Stakeholder Group
Stephenie Nicolaou (Chair) Townsville (incudes Mt Isa) Employment Facilitator Employment Facilitator
Leeanne Hanna HANMAC Pty Ltd Education and Training
Sandra Crosato-Matters Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Parnterships State Government
Irene Leard Jangga Operations Indigenous
Emma Peters Master Builders Association Queensland Employers
Tiffany Stubbin Mercy Community Community/Care Services
Jesse Gillard Townsville City Council Local Government
Mary Brown NQ Business Support Employer Representative
Dean Deighton Al Group Employers