Experiences from employers and workers

This page shows employers and mature age workers share their experiences.

On this page:

Matt has some advice for mature age job seekers about the challenges of changing industries and rewards of finding a job you love.

Colin Johns, Managing Director of Transformer Services, talks about hiring a mature age employee through the jobactive Restart programme. jobactive provided training to this employee, who Colin says is very loyal, keen and a good trainer for younger staff.

Patrick Phang is the Manager of Metro Filters. They have hired mature age employees through the jobactive Restart programme and says their responsibility, punctuality and job pride is second to none.

Sheilah Cummins, CEO of Care Options, hired a mature age employee through the jobactive Restart programme, and she brings a wealth of experience and a diverse background to their organisation.

Sam Hurley, owner of Firestorm Motorcycles, hired Brett – a mature aged worker who had the perfect skillset and passion in e-commerce and motorbikes. “Brett’s been an asset from day one. He’s diligent, committed, and has all the attributes that any business owner would appreciate.”

Andrew Thomas helps run CB Ideal Tapware and says that mature age workers have the technical skills that can guide some of the younger staff.