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If you are interested in finding out more on supports available or exploring more resources on mature age employment, below are some useful products, websites, report links and other information.

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We are supporting mature age employment by delivering initiatives to support mature age employment outcomes, as well as improving outcomes for people with an injury, ill health or disability to enter into, remain at, or return to work. To find out more, download this overview. 

If you are interested in exploring more resources on mature age employment, below you will find some useful websites and report links:

Employment barriers for mature age Australians – Research project

  • The Department commissioned Outpost Consulting to explore the capacity and willingness of Australian businesses to employ mature age workers including perceived barriers to employing or retaining mature age workers and possible solutions to these barriers. The project engaged over 300 employers, recruiters and experts on mature age employment.
  • The research shows that Australian businesses value many of the benefits mature age workers bring to the workplace. However, some perceive or experience barriers to employing and retaining workers as they age. These barriers include ageism, limited consideration of age diversity, higher salary costs, skills atrophy, declining physical abilities/increased risk of injury and workers' compensation claims, lack of self-confidence, and employers' difficulties in finding mature age people. The research identified that the difficulties expressed by some employers in finding mature age workers has received less attention.
  • The report also provides solutions that participating employers, recruiters and experts believe are likely to have the greatest impact on the employment of mature age workers.

Every Age Counts 

  • Take the pledge on ageism
  • Quiz on ageism
  • Stories and resources on working in your later years

Working for everyone

  • Stories of mature age workers’ experiences
  • Working It Out Tool - designed to support you when you are looking for work
  • Resources such as how to guides and research links

My Skills

  • Search for training courses 
  • Guidance on the average training fees for a course and a list of training providers who deliver that course

Job Outlook

  • Career quiz - to help you think about your work preferences and get career ideas  
  • Career profiles - to learn about the future outlook, pay, main tasks, and physical and other demands of careers
  • Explore Australia – to discover how the jobs in demand are changing in your local area
  • Explore industries – to learn about the different industries you can work in and what kinds of jobs there are in those fields
  • Future outlook – to find industries and jobs expected to grow

Australian Human Rights Commission

  • Age Discrimination Commissioner, Dr Kay Patterson
  • Age discrimination information
  • Projects on age discrimination

Fair Work Ombudsman

  • Guidance on unpaid work and volunteering
  • Guidance on the minimum pay and conditions for work in the sector

ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research

  • Research
  • News and events

ANU Working Well Working Wisely project

  • Major collaboration between national policy portfolios and expert scientists in work, health, social equality and policy process to develop interventions that can capitalise on older Australians’ skills and expertise, boost their economic participation, while minimising later health and aged-care costs.

Heath Checks

  • Helps people aged 45 to 65 assess health, finances, work and social connections and access information and resources to assist with preparing for their future.