MyGovID for Employment Services Providers

What is myGovID?

From February 2022, the department is introducing myGovID authentication for ESS Web, as part of the whole-of-government Digital Transformation Strategy.   

Administered by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), myGovID allows users to create a digital identity that can be used to log into online Government services. myGovID is not myGov; instead, it is a fully remote credential that allows people to validate identity.

Approximately two million business users are already using myGovID to access over 76 Government services and it is mandated for some sectors who intersect with the ATO.

Over 4,000 employers are also using myGovID to advertise job vacancies on our jobactive website.

The department is now transitioning to myGovID for employment services providers and their staff who use the Employment Services System (ESS).

myGovID offers providers:

  • A better and more streamlined user experience when accessing online Government services. It is set up once to allow access to multiple online services
  • Flexible access – you can access online services anywhere, and at any time, and the authentication can be set up on multiple devices
  • Improved security of client data being accessed
  • Greater fraud prevention, and
  • Maintenance of community confidence allowing for the potential of more online services for providers and their staff.

Transition timeline and key dates:

There will be a phased transition to myGovID. Provider staff can get a myGovID at any time before 25 March 2022. The myGovID transition timeline is as follows:

Now: provider staff can get a myGovID at any time. To ensure a smooth transition from February 2022, we advise getting myGovID as early as possible.

1 February 2022: myGovID authentication access to ESS Web enabled.

28 February 2022: The legacy authentication system (username and password) will be unavailable for new registrations.

25 March 2022: The DESE will turn off legacy authentication access to ESS Web.

26 March 2022: ESS Web can now only be accessed using myGovID authentication.

How to get myGovID

All employment services provider staff who access ESS Web and associated DESE systems will need to get a myGovID and set it up at the standard identity strength. A standard strength myGovID allows access to most participating Government online services.

To set up your myGovID you will need:

  • a smart device (IOS or Android) with internet access
  • the myGovID app, downloaded from your device’s app store
  • to be aged 15 or over
  • a personal email address (do not use the email address of your employer, as the myGovID is also used for individual services) and
  • Australian proof of identity documents.

Further information and troubleshooting

myGovID for providers: Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about myGovID for providers

General information on myGovID:

  • To learn more about myGovID, including what proof of identity documents you will need and connecting your myGovID to your myGov account, visit
  • Support is also available at Individuals can also contact the myGovID support line directly. Further details can be found at