Early childhood workforce Initiatives

This page provides resources and information to support those working in early childhood.

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Helping children with literacy and numeracy

Here are some practical resources that use children’s everyday activities to extend their literacy and numeracy.

National Workforce Census

The National Workforce Census provides quality information for developing and measuring policies and programs for the sector. The census collects data about service use, children with extra needs, access to preschool and kindergarten programs, and staffing.

Early Years Workforce Strategy

The Early Years Workforce Strategy provides the first commitment by all Australian governments to an agreed vision for the early childhood workforce.

Recognition of prior learning

The Recognition of prior learning assessment toolkits help early childhood workers with experience in the industry to have their skills recognised and obtain or upgrade their qualifications.

Investing in Experience program

The Investing in Experience (Skills Recognition and Training) program helps mature-age workers, including those in early childhood, gain formal recognition of their skills and to receive further training.

Inclusion Support Program

The Inclusion Support Program provides support for child care services to care for children with additional needs.

Continuity of Learning

This Continuity of Learning resource was developed by a research team at Charles Sturt University. It outlines practical ways to help children make the transition to school and school-aged care.

Leading Learning Circles for Educators Engaged in Study

Leading Learning Circles for Educators Engaged in Study helps services with educators undertaking study.