National Strategy for International Education 2025

Australia's first National Strategy for International Education 2025 sets out a 10-year plan for developing our role as a global leader in education, training and research.

The strategy

The National Strategy for International Education 2025 enables Australia’s international education sector to be more innovative, future-focused and globally engaged. It also:

  • Further strengthens our international reputation for high quality education and training
  • Drives collaboration in education and research
  • Increases opportunities for Australian providers and communities
National Strategy for International Education 2025


The National Strategy is based on 3 broad pillars:

  • Strengthening the fundamentals of Australia’s education, training and research system and our regulatory, quality assurance and consumer protection arrangements
  • Transformative partnerships between people, institutions and governments, at home and abroad
  • Competing globally by responding to global education and skills needs and taking advantage of emerging opportunities.
  • The implementation of the National Strategy is supported by an annual allocation of $3 million through the Enabling Growth and Innovation Program (EGI)
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Supporting elements

The National Strategy is complemented by the:

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Council for International Education

The Council for International Education sets the direction for Australia's role in international education and training. The Council supports the implementation of the: