Regional Employment Trials

The Regional Employment Trials (RET) program supports local stakeholders to develop and implement tailored projects across 10 selected disadvantaged Regional Development Australia (RDA) regions, to address local employment issues and gaps. These projects are supported through grants from a Local Employment Initiative Fund (LEIF) and will assist unemployed people to take advantage of economic opportunities in their regions. All projects must include a co-contribution from the RET Grant Recipient, either financial or in-kind.

The RET program aligns with existing Australian Government policy on supporting Australia’s regions and providing access to localised employment services and economic growth opportunities. This Guideline outlines the requirements for jobactive, Transition to Work and ParentsNext Providers when partnering on and referring Participants to RET Activities.

This program also allows participation by unemployed people not on an employment services provider’s caseload, (volunteer unemployed participants). The management of these volunteer unemployed participants is the responsibility of the RET Grant Recipient.

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