Communiqué for the New Employment Services Reference Group 20 February 2020

The fourth meeting of the New Employment Services Trial Reference Group was held in Adelaide on 20 February 2020.

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Digital Foundation Training

Members were provided with an update on two initiatives the department is trialling to support job seekers using digital services.

  • The Digital Literacy Assessment tool, which is used to establish a job seeker’s digital literacy and understand their ability to use online services, and
  • The Digital Foundation Training activity which is basic training that teaches job seekers how to use the internet, search for jobs online and how to use online services, including the departments digital platform.

The Digital Training is delivered by the New Employment Service Trial providers and can be delivered face-to-face or through online resources and support, including Contact Centre support.

Members noted the importance ensuring regular and reliable access to internet services.

Transition – post implementation review and future transition model

The department provided an update on the progress with the post-transition implementation review for job seekers progressing into Enhanced Services.

Members discussed the potential approaches to transition as part of the national rollout of the new employment services model.

Points Based Activation System

Members were provided an update from the December 2019 meeting on the development of the Points Based Activation System for job seekers that will allow them more flexibility, and provide options for tailoring the types of activities to meet their mutual obligation requirements.

Members noted the extensive and ongoing consultation being undertaken as part of User Centred Design work to inform the final design of the policy and to help inform how it will be communicated/ implemented.

Members discussed the points’ value that could be attributed to each activity and how important different activities were in obtaining employment. Members again noted the need to allow flexibility balanced with keeping the system simple and practical.

Forward Meeting Schedule

The next meetings of the Reference Group will discuss the following items:

  • Job seeker assessment framework
  • Licensing Framework
  • Activities for employment preparation
  • Evaluation of the New Employment Services Trial