New Employment Services Trial (NEST) - Stronger Transitions

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The Stronger Transitions Package (Stronger Transitions) provides support to individuals, in five identified regions that have been especially impacted by structural change, to transition to new jobs and prepare for the jobs of the future. Intensive assistance includes pre retrenchment support, provided outside New Employment Services Trial (NEST), and post retrenchment support delivered by NEST Providers (NEST Providers).

This Guideline details the core elements and requirements for NEST Providers in managing and servicing retrenched workers who are eligible for post retrenchment support under Stronger Transitions.

Stronger Transitions Eligible Participants (Participants) are eligible for immediate access to NEST Enhanced Services upon commencement. Any relevant Guidelines or materials that apply to NEST Enhanced Services job seekers more generally also apply to Participants, unless otherwise specified in the relevant Guidelines.  

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